Where can I find information about pregnancy, STIs/STDs (sexually transmitted infections/diseases), and birth control?

If you have questions that you cannot find answers to on our website, simply give us a call! Anyone who needs a pregnancy test, STI/HIV testing or birth control can contact us and we will give them the first available appointment. All information discussed is confidential.

If I Visit Citizens for Citizens Family Planning for any of your services, will my parents be informed about my visit?

NO! Parental permission is not required to receive Family Planning services. However it is always a good idea to discuss important topics with parents or trusted adults.

If I am Under 18 and Don’t have insurance, will I have to pay for the visit on my own?

If you do not have health insurance, services will still be provided.

What if I am undocumented or do not have health insurance?

Call and make an appointment, we do not refuse services for the inability to pay or if you do not have proof of residency.

How do I know what Birth Control Method is right for me?

During your visit you will meet with one of our family planning counselors. They will discuss all the birth control methods available and help you decide which one is best for you.

Do you have both male and female doctors I can see? Do I have a choice?

We only have female nurse practitioners and Gynecologists on staff.

If I am 17 years old, will I need a pelvic exam and/or pap smear?

Pap Smears are only performed on women 21 yrs and older. During your visit a counselor will take a very detailed medical history. The STI testing is performed using a urine sample. A small blood sample is used for HIV testing. The provider will complete a general wellness checkup, A pelvic exam will only be done if needed and you will be prescribed a method of birth control that is right for you!